Compassion in Action: Welcome.US and Haitian Bridge Alliance Team Up to Mobilize Sponsors Haitians have a new pathway to seek refuge in U.S. through support of a sponsor

Wednesday, January 11, 2022


Washington, D.C.—Following the recent announcement from the Biden-Harris Administration that Haitians are eligible for humanitarian sponsorship through the Processes for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans (CHNV), Welcome.US and the Haitian Bridge Alliance are partnering to mobilize sponsors interested in helping Haitians fleeing danger and seeking refuge in the United States. 

Since April 2022, nearly 200,000 Americans have stepped up to sponsor Ukrainians through the successful Uniting for Ukraine program, which was used as a model for the CHNV process. American citizens and lawful permanent residents now have the same opportunity to extend such compassion to Haitians fleeing gang violence, abject poverty, political instability, and gender based violence. Those interested in sponsoring a newcomer should visit to learn more on eligibility and sign up for more information.

Statements from Welcome.US and Haitian Bridge Alliance: 

“The inspiring results of the humanitarian sponsorship programs for Ukrainians and Venezuelans speak for themselves: We know that our society is eager to get involved in welcoming newcomers. Everyday people can now serve as the bridge to safety for Haitian children and families who have been forced to flee their homes, and we at Haitian Bridge Alliance are proud to partner with Welcome.US to demystify and facilitate this process.” – Guerline Jozef, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Haitian Bridge Alliance 

“Sponsors across the country have already stepped up to show the world who we are as Americans: people who welcome those seeking refuge, self-determination, and the fulfillment of their human potential. We are honored to work with the Haitian Bridge Alliance, who has worked tirelessly and effectively to advocate for the Haitian people and support a thriving community in the United States, to extend this new humanitarian sponsorship program to as many people as possible.” – Nazanin Ash, CEO of Welcome.US

The humanitarian and political crisis in Haiti is dire. More than 1.5 million children in Haiti, nearly one-third of the country’s youth, are in urgent need of emergency relief due to shortages of food and water amid political and economic turmoil and escalating gang violence, according to UNICEF. The United Nations Security Council continues to consider an international intervention in the country as key political leaders, including a former president, are sanctioned for drug trafficking, abusing their power, and financing gang violence. 

Welcome.US provides resources to potential sponsors so that they have the information they need to use these safe, orderly, and designated pathways to help welcome displaced people in need of refuge into their communities and support newcomers as they rebuild their lives. These include informational materials, educational training, resources, tools, and guides to navigate the application process and the entire sponsorship journey. 

Welcome.US is also working with community organizations and diaspora groups to recruit Cubans and Nicaraguans who are also included in the CHVN process, in addition to continuing the work to find sponsors for Ukrainians and Venezuelans. 

About Welcome.US

At Welcome.US, our mission is to unleash the desire and capacity of Americans to welcome newcomers and help them thrive. We operate on the evidence that direct participation with newcomers transforms both the welcomer and those being welcomed. By making it easier for Americans from all walks of life to participate in the work of welcoming — and telling their stories — we are building a movement that celebrates America’s welcoming spirit by providing an opportunity to serve for all who seek to welcome. Our diverse community of Welcomers reaches across real and perceived divides to meet the needs of newcomers more effectively. In partnership with local and national resettlement agencies, diaspora organizations and leaders, refugees, community sponsorship groups, nonprofits, businesses, faith-based institutions, veterans, universities, four former Presidents and four former First Ladies, Welcome.US is a single point of entry for Americans who want to get involved and support those who are starting new lives in the United States. To learn more about Welcome.US, please


About Haitian Bridge Alliance

Haitian Bridge Alliance (HBA), also known as “the Bridge”, is a community organization that advocates for fair and humane immigration policies and provides migrants and immigrants with humanitarian, legal, and social services, with a particular focus on Black migrants, the Haitian community, women and girls, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and survivors of torture and other human rights abuses. HBA also seeks to elevate the issues unique to Black migrants and builds solidarity and collective movement toward policy change. Anpil men, chay pa lou (“Many hands make the load light”). Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @haitianbridge