Haitian Bridge Alliance Celebrates International Day for People of African Descent: Acknowledging Heritage, Diversity, and Equity

August 31, 2023

Contact: media@haitianbridge.org

San Diego, California — Today, the Haitian Bridge Alliance proudly joins the global community in commemorating the International Day for People of African Descent. This significant day serves as a reflection of our unwavering commitment to recognizing the rich heritage, remarkable contributions, and enduring struggles of individuals of African descent worldwide.

The International Day for People of African Descent, established by the United Nations through Resolution 75/170, is a momentous occasion designed to “promote the extraordinary contributions of the African diaspora around the world and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against people of African descent.” It is a global platform to honor the cultural, social, and economic contributions of people of African descent throughout history. Furthermore, it is a time to reaffirm our collective dedication to advancing social justice, equity, and the complete eradication of racial discrimination.

As we observe this day, the Haitian Bridge Alliance wholeheartedly acknowledges the profound resilience and cultural enrichment brought about by people of African descent. From the realms of art, music, and literature to the arenas of science, politics, and activism, African heritage has played an indispensable role in shaping our shared global culture. We take this moment to celebrate the vibrancy of this culture and the indelible impact it has had on humanity.

It is noteworthy that 1.6 billion individuals identify themselves as part of the global African Diaspora, with as many as 200 million residing in the Americas. In the Caribbean, an astounding 67 percent of residents are of African descent, while in the United States, 46.8 million people identify themselves as Black or African American. These communities have consistently made significant contributions to the political, economic, and sociocultural development of our nation.

The International Day for People of African Descent is not just a celebration; it is a poignant reminder for the U.S. government to immediately take measures to correct decades of discriminatory treatment towards Haitians and Black asylum seekers and to combat racial discrimination in all its forms. The Haitian Bridge Alliance remains firmly committed to the principles of justice, equity, and inclusivity.